Tuesday, July 8, 2014

LEP Meetings (Part 2)

Last month, Julie blogged about her road trip adventures, getting to meet several awesome LEPers. Since the last meet up post we have received a few photos from other League members and I want to show them to you!

Jennifer - CaRho - Kari - Sonnia

Samantha - Jemima - Amy

Sarah - Samantha - Othella

Arjen & Nadine

And here we have LEP's first canine couple, Lupi & Reggie. These pups belong to Catrin and Amber.

Jennifer - Rachel - Millie

Jennifer - Kari - Kimmie

Meeting new friends is so much fun! If any new LEP meet ups happen, we want to know about it! Take pictures and send them to us:  league@extraordinarypenpals.com.  


Denise (AKA Washipocalypse)


  1. It was so much fun! We should do it again, hopefully with more attendees.

  2. I had a blast in Texas! Next time, we'll have to go to Houston! - Millie

  3. I love that you put our hand pic in here :P