LEP Meetings (Part 2)

Last month, Julie blogged about her road trip adventures, getting to meet several awesome LEPers. Since the last meet up post we have received a few photos from other League members and I want to show them to you!

Jennifer - CaRho - Kari - Sonnia

Samantha - Jemima - Amy

Sarah - Samantha - Othella

Arjen & Nadine

And here we have LEP's first canine couple, Lupi & Reggie. These pups belong to Catrin and Amber.

Jennifer - Rachel - Millie

Jennifer - Kari - Kimmie

Meeting new friends is so much fun! If any new LEP meet ups happen, we want to know about it! Take pictures and send them to us:  league@extraordinarypenpals.com.  


Denise (AKA Washipocalypse)