Tuesday, June 10, 2014

LEP meetings (part 1)

The League of Extraordinary Penpals is not just any penpal club - it's a place where people make friends for life. Sometimes those friends only meet on paper, quite often they also spend time together chatting in the Facebook group, but others also talk via Skype, on the phone or even meet in person. I've seen many wonderful friendships blossom through the LEP, and I'm always happy when members post about "real life" meetings.

In April, I was lucky enough to take 2 weeks off after my surgery to go on a road trip in the United States and meet 5 LEP members. Here are some photos of me and Andronic, Brittney, Denise, Lynn and Erin. (Yes, lots of sushi was consumed.)

During my stay in the US, I tried to take at least one bathroom selfie in each different state I visited (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota). Lots of pee jokes ensued in the Facebook group...

Now I'd like to ask LEP members a question - have you met anyone from the group since its inception in February 2013? If so, send me pictures at league@extraordinarypenpals.com and I'll make another LEP meeting blog post soon!

AKA Super Sushi

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