Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Random Object Swap

We hosted a Random Object swap in June and asked our participating members to send us photos of the objects that they both sent and received. We got quite a few fun photos and I wanted to share them with you. I smile when I think about the reactions of the postal workers all around the world, as they handled and delivered these bits of fun randomness.

 From Nicolle (USA)
To Sofie (Sweden)

From Sofie (Sweden)

From Victoria (USA)

From Meredith (USA)

From Kerri (Australia)

From Millie (USA)

To Susan (UK)

To Caron (USA)

From Caron (USA)

To Sarah (Canada)

To Kelly (USA)

From Kelly (USA)

To Katy (UK)

From Katy (UK)

From Chaya (USA)

From Heleen (The Netherlands)

To Heleen (The Netherlands)

From Shel (USA)

To Domonique (USA)

To Cecilia (Germany)

To Andrea (USA)

From Andrea (USA)

Many thanks to everyone for posting and sending their photos. I hope you had fun with this swap.


Denise (AKA Washipocalypse)

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