Friday, March 14, 2014

BBC News

Today the League of Extraordinary Penpals is featured in a wonderful article on the BBC News website!

Signed, sealed, delivered - Rediscovering the allure of a pen pal in the digital age:
The allure of an old-fashioned pen pal

I had the pleasure of doing a phone interview with Kate Dailey earlier this week, who discovered the club thanks to LEP member and fellow writer Marianne Kirby.

Some other LEPeeps are also featured, and some photos of our letters & envelopes have been published, so you don't want to miss this!

And to anyone who's seeing this after reading the article from BBC News: hello and welcome to the wonderful world of snail mail and letters and stamps and washi tape! If you have any questions about anything at all (and yes, we can also discuss books and the meaning of life if you want), please get in touch with me!

I'm so happy when traditional mail gets attention from the media. Yes, letter writers still exist - and we're having a lot of fun!

AKA Super Sushi

Friday, February 21, 2014

Who will be the last 4?!

So I have 4 packs of surprise stationery left. Each one includes 12 sheets of paper, 4 envelopes, 3 postcards and a membership card. (See what I'm talking about in the shop.)

Who will be the last 4 lucky members to get a free stationery pack when they purchase a 12 month subscription to LEP?!

Will it be you? Or you? Or you? Oh, not you - you're already a member! I'm not sending you 2 free stationery packs (as much as I love you).

So hurry up! The free stationery packs will disappear forever soon because once they're gone, they're gone! (I like to state the obvious sometimes.)

To everyone who already signed up for a 12 month subscription: your stationery pack is coming! Most of them have already been mailed, and the rest will go out before I leave for Mexico on the 26th.

Free stationery this way.... la la laaaaaaa laa la!

AKA Super Sushi

UPDATE: all the free packs are gone!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

LEP 2.0!

I can't believe that the first full year of LEP is coming to an end!

Wow. What a wild ride this was! I'm really happy that I got to spend so much time with all of you through the newsletter and the Facebook group in 2013.

I've got a whole lot of fun things planned for 2014, so don't go anywhere! If you need to renew your membership, or if you'd like to join LEP and become a member, I have a surprise for you:

The first 140 people to sign up for a 12 month subscription will receive a free LEP stationery pack. I'll even ship it to you no matter where you live at no extra cost! I know how much you all love stationery, so that's my little treat for you this year. (A $10 to $14 value depending on shipping location.)

Click here to join or to renew!


Julie AKA Super Sushi

P.S.: The whole website has had a makeover, so make sure to visit every page to see what's new around these parts!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Super Squirrel Speaks!

Hello LEPmeisters! Laura (AKA Super Squirrel) here. Gather around folks, I have a little story to tell you:

Once there was a squirrel with superpowers. But with superpowers, there came great responsibility and one day...

SNNNOOORREEEEE...zzzzzzz....... Screw it, I'll just jump to the point:

I'm sad to announce that I've made the difficult decision to leave LEP and December will be my last month with the club. It's become increasingly difficult to juggle a full-time job and all the projects in my life, and in the interests of trying to achieve some balance, I need to scale back.

However, don't you worry: I'm leaving you in the very capable hands of Julie, and LEP will continue on without me. So YAY! You'll still have your trusted band of superhero penpals! Julie will have more info in the January issue of the newsletter about her plans for LEP and the changes that are in store for the new year.

A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who has made my time with LEP so enjoyable. When Julie asked me to be her partner on this project, I had absolutely no idea how fantastic and awesome it would become. I've been touched by everyone's generosity and kindness, and I am genuinely thankful to have met such lovely, lovely people. Thank you for all the kind comments, the occasional surprise mail, and for all the laughs.

Thank you also to my partner, Super Sushi, for asking me to come on this ride with her. It's been a wild one, and I know you will have great fun with her at the helm.

But, I'll still be around! You can always email me at (ridiculous posts about the perfection of Tom Hiddleston are especially appreciated). And if you're partial to snail mail (GASP! When did that happen?!), you can send messages / postcards / "Dude, you still owe me $5" notes and similar / dinosaurs to:

PO Box 20153 RPO Beverly
Edmonton, AB T5W 5E6

Again, thanks for your support and awesomeness. And I'll see you in the mail, LEPmeisters! Doot doot da doot doot.... DOOT DOOT!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

LEP review by The Baking Balloonatic

Today we'd like to share with you how one of our members sees The League of Extraordinary Penpals. We swear that we didn't pay her, bribe her with stationery or promise rides on our rainbow unicorn to write this review. We just asked nicely!

So here's what Millie in Alaska (AKA The Baking Balloonatic) has to say about LEP:

In these days of social media, smart phones, tablets, and technology, one would think that a good, old-fashioned letter is something of a relic of a bygone era.

Or is it?

What if there were a way to combine the two? With a simple web search, finding people to write letters with is as easy as typing a few keystrokes into your favorite search engine. Many of the groups available to write letters are using social media to connect with one another and make new friends. Some are paid, some are free, but all have their own blend of people with interests as varied as their names.

One such group, the League of Extraordinary Penpals (or "LEP" as it is called by its members) is a paid group with over 200 members. The dues are reasonable and becoming a member allows access to a monthly newsletter that includes mail swap challenges (or "swallenges" as they're called), stationery offers, and a spotlight on a random member. It also offers access to an exclusive Facebook community where members can ask for new penpals, request help on a variety of subjects (from where to get new stationery or pens, crochet help, or even where to get some candy to try out).

One of the wonderful things about this group is that the admins are very personable, friendly, and are always willing to answer any questions in a positive and helpful manner. As a member, you are welcomed into a community of Trekkies, Whovians, moms, twenty-somethings, typewriter enthusiasts, and more. It is a place where anyone can feel at ease in this sometimes cold world of the Internet. By being a part of the LEP, you gain access to new friends, new penpals, and an entire new world of washi tape, typewriters, costumes, and alter egos.

Take a break from the cold world of email and send a letter. Your mail carrier will thank you, as will those whose lives you touch from afar.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back to School Sale!

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't... But we took a little break from blogging during the summer! Yes, we did. But that doesn't mean we were lazy and spent our whole days eating popsicles in the pool!

In fact, it's quite the opposite - we stayed pretty busy here at LEP Headquarters. You just couldn't see it on the blog... Except of course for those LEP members who have the amazing superpower of seeing through the screen. And if you do, please don't tell anyone that Super Squirrel always wears unicorn pajamas and that Super Sushi likes to work in her zebra print bathrobe. Thanks. After all, we have reputations to keep...

Anyway, we decided it was finally time to come out of hiding today to celebrate back to school with you in a very special way! Everyone who writes letters likes the back to school season, because it means that office supplies are on sale everywhere! Did you score a few pens, or some pretty notebooks maybe?

Now it's time for some letter writing supplies! And we have just what you need right here: LEP stationery sets! More specifically: unlined stationery sets. We actually have a big stack of unlined stationery sets waiting to be purchased by you. They're looking for new homes because they don't like the way we've been treating them lately. Please consider adopting a set or two! They're 50% off... And they all have names. When you buy a set during the back to school sale, you'll not only get a LEP membership card, you'll also get a card that states what your stationery set is named! Isn't that fantastic?! Yep, we think so too.

Unlined stationery

Every kit includes 25 sheets of writing paper that is fountain pen friendly. Each sheet is 5.25" x 8.25" or 135mm x 205mm (A5 size) and is thick enough for you to write on both sides if you wish to do so.

Every stationery order comes with a free membership card! And a free name card for your stationery! Yes, we are slightly crazy! (Just like our Australian friends...)

Available while supplies last!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super Sushi's turn!

Now that we know why Super Squirrel and some of our members penpal, let's see what Super Sushi has to say about this!

"Why do I penpal? To me, friendship is one of the most important things in life. And although I've been blessed with a good number of wonderful friends that I get to spend quality face to face time with on a regular basis, letter writing can take friendships to a whole new level. With a pen and paper in hand and all the time in the world to define my thoughts, it's enjoyable for me to be even more introspective and share my feelings with my friends.

I'm a very open person and I'm becoming less and less introverted as the years go by so I'm more at ease to be completely myself with others now, but this wasn't always the case. When I was younger, having penpals was a way for me to test the waters and meet other open-minded people who wouldn't judge me for who I was. Now that I'm more comfortable with myself, it's no longer a need I have, but meeting awesome people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world is still something that fascinates me! Discovering someone's life, habits, thoughts, feelings and dreams makes me feel close to them and opens my mind to new possibilities. Learning about new cultures or beliefs is pretty fun too!

Even though the friendships are really what I'm in it for, I have to admit that I've always loved stationery, so the opportunity to use pretty pens and papers, to send and receive mail art as well as to be creative is also fantastic. I have amazing penpals and I love every single one of them!"
- Julie, AKA Super Sushi