February LEP Challenge

We put out the challenge beacon and you superheroes answered!

The challenge for February was to write an anonymous love letter to someone. But the letter had to be truly anonymous: members were challenged to "write" the letter using words and letters cut out from magazines. No leaving handwritten evidence behind for crafty supervillains to find!

Here are some of the most creative and awesomesauce challenge letters from LEP's members:

An extraordinary letter called "Re(a)d" from St├ęphanie, AKA NimbleFingers.

Awesome work from Ann-Marie, AKA Ninny Numbskull.

Valentine's love from Carlene, AKA taylormaide.

Awesome work, superheroes! Now, if we ever need to leave an anonymous letter for any reason (saaayy we accidentally flew into a parked car and need to leave a "Woah, I'm sorry!" note. But what are the chances that'll happen for a seventh time?!) we know who we should call on!

To wear or not to wear?

Superheroes, we have a super important question for you this week!

Anyone can vote in the poll, members and non-members alike...

Spandex: yea or nay?

Super Sushi and Super Squirrel both agree: yea on weekdays & nay on weekends! What about you?!

Social Media? We're still trying to master the abacus.

It's been a busy week here at LEP Headquarters! We've been busy matching partners for the first LEP swap, ensuring that everything is just right for the perfect pairing—we want you and your partner to make the most dynamite super team this world has ever seen (ie: waaaaayy better than Batman and Robin!)! Emails were sent yesterday to everyone participating so check your inboxes and get writing! Just a reminder that you should have your introduction letter posted by February 19. If you haven't gotten an email containing your partner's info yet, check your spam folder; if it's not there, then let us know.

In addition, we're happy to announce that LEP Headquarters has joined the 21st century! What does this mean, you're asking... well, let us tell you! It means that we've joined social media. We were a bit on the fence about social media because by definition, being a superhero means hidden identities and cloak and dagger activities. But, when Jerk Superman is blabbing about his activities on Twitter, that made us reevaluate things. Why should he have all the spotlight?! All he does is fly and have super strength or whatever; we write letters! That's way better.

So, there are now two ways to interact with LEP via social networking (other than this blog, of course):

1) Follow us on Twitter! We can't guarantee that we'll tweet much because trying to fit everything we want to say in 140 characters is next to impossible, but we'll try our darndest. Follow us, tweet at us, introduce yourself so we can follow back, do other things that Twitter allows you to do at other users (within reason....). Trust us, it'll be fun!

2) Join the LEP Facebook group! We were so pleased that everyone seemed to enjoy the LEP blog post party, and in an attempt to keep that party going, we've created a Facebook group to allow you to indulge some more in the invisible punch. However, this Facebook group is open to LEP members only. Sushi and the Squirrel will act as admins for the group so don't worry about having to ask to "join" the group—once your membership has been verified, it's a non-stop PAR-TAY all night long. 

That's the latest from LEP Headquarters and Sushi and the Squirrel! How have you superheroes been?

Responsible superheroes don't drink and blog.

After the newsletter came out, we had a massive party on our dream cloud! And between our dream parties and the blog post party, we're still a little drunk on invisible punch.

You know what they say, though, about being responsible superheroes: you should never drink and blog. As a result, your regularly scheduled Wednesday post will run next week as planned.

Before we shuffle away to sleep off our invisible hangover, two things:

1) We resent the newsletter yesterday afternoon to everyone who registered in MailChimp after February 1, as well as all LEP members who still hadn't opened the newsletter as of February 5.

If you are a LEP member who still hasn't received a copy of the newsletter, please check your spam folder to make sure it wasn't banished to spam by mistake before emailing us. If it was, be sure to add league@extraordinarypenpals.com to your contacts to ensure that doesn't happen with future issues. If it's still not in your spam folder, then let us know by emailing us and we'll send you a link where you can access the newsletter.

2) A gentle reminder that you have 3 more days to sign up for the penpal swap. The deadline for signing up is February 8, and this deadline is firm. That doesn't mean that the deadline has been "working out," it actually means that if you sign up for the penpal swap on February 9th (or any day after), you will not be matched with a partner. So take 30 seconds to send us an email and don't miss out on the opportunity to make two new extraordinary penpals!