Monday, December 9, 2013

Super Squirrel Speaks!

Hello LEPmeisters! Laura (AKA Super Squirrel) here. Gather around folks, I have a little story to tell you:

Once there was a squirrel with superpowers. But with superpowers, there came great responsibility and one day...

SNNNOOORREEEEE...zzzzzzz....... Screw it, I'll just jump to the point:

I'm sad to announce that I've made the difficult decision to leave LEP and December will be my last month with the club. It's become increasingly difficult to juggle a full-time job and all the projects in my life, and in the interests of trying to achieve some balance, I need to scale back.

However, don't you worry: I'm leaving you in the very capable hands of Julie, and LEP will continue on without me. So YAY! You'll still have your trusted band of superhero penpals! Julie will have more info in the January issue of the newsletter about her plans for LEP and the changes that are in store for the new year.

A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who has made my time with LEP so enjoyable. When Julie asked me to be her partner on this project, I had absolutely no idea how fantastic and awesome it would become. I've been touched by everyone's generosity and kindness, and I am genuinely thankful to have met such lovely, lovely people. Thank you for all the kind comments, the occasional surprise mail, and for all the laughs.

Thank you also to my partner, Super Sushi, for asking me to come on this ride with her. It's been a wild one, and I know you will have great fun with her at the helm.

But, I'll still be around! You can always email me at (ridiculous posts about the perfection of Tom Hiddleston are especially appreciated). And if you're partial to snail mail (GASP! When did that happen?!), you can send messages / postcards / "Dude, you still owe me $5" notes and similar / dinosaurs to:

PO Box 20153 RPO Beverly
Edmonton, AB T5W 5E6

Again, thanks for your support and awesomeness. And I'll see you in the mail, LEPmeisters! Doot doot da doot doot.... DOOT DOOT!

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