Thursday, October 24, 2013

LEP review by The Baking Balloonatic

Today we'd like to share with you how one of our members sees The League of Extraordinary Penpals. We swear that we didn't pay her, bribe her with stationery or promise rides on our rainbow unicorn to write this review. We just asked nicely!

So here's what Millie in Alaska (AKA The Baking Balloonatic) has to say about LEP:

In these days of social media, smart phones, tablets, and technology, one would think that a good, old-fashioned letter is something of a relic of a bygone era.

Or is it?

What if there were a way to combine the two? With a simple web search, finding people to write letters with is as easy as typing a few keystrokes into your favorite search engine. Many of the groups available to write letters are using social media to connect with one another and make new friends. Some are paid, some are free, but all have their own blend of people with interests as varied as their names.

One such group, the League of Extraordinary Penpals (or "LEP" as it is called by its members) is a paid group with over 200 members. The dues are reasonable and becoming a member allows access to a monthly newsletter that includes mail swap challenges (or "swallenges" as they're called), stationery offers, and a spotlight on a random member. It also offers access to an exclusive Facebook community where members can ask for new penpals, request help on a variety of subjects (from where to get new stationery or pens, crochet help, or even where to get some candy to try out).

One of the wonderful things about this group is that the admins are very personable, friendly, and are always willing to answer any questions in a positive and helpful manner. As a member, you are welcomed into a community of Trekkies, Whovians, moms, twenty-somethings, typewriter enthusiasts, and more. It is a place where anyone can feel at ease in this sometimes cold world of the Internet. By being a part of the LEP, you gain access to new friends, new penpals, and an entire new world of washi tape, typewriters, costumes, and alter egos.

Take a break from the cold world of email and send a letter. Your mail carrier will thank you, as will those whose lives you touch from afar.

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