Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A superhero in Mexico

Superheroes are allowed to go on vacations, but of course we have to stay available to fight crime wherever we are in the world. So when my mom told me that she was going to Mexico and that she wanted my son and I to come along, I was happy to accept the invitation. Super Sushi in Mexico!!!

When the plane landed in Cancun, I realized that I had forgotten my chopsticks at home. How could I fight without my beloved chopsticks?! Certainly not with my bare hands... Thankfully, nothing major happened during the first few days and I was relieved when we went to a Japanese restaurant and I was able to "borrow" cheap wood chopsticks.

I was finally ready for Mexican supervillains! But I didn't meet any. The only annoying people I met were noisy neighbors (I love it when they start to party with their friends at 3 am), a few drunk tourists and pushy salesmen (Yes, your hats are nice; no, I don't want them; um, do I seriously look like a cigar smoker?!).

I learned early on that the competition was ferocious here in the Riviera Maya. Spiderman effigies are everywhere! Proof:

Although my holidays have been quiet so far, I still learned some lessons:

1- I look ridiculous with a cape and flip flops! And my big toes are fat.

2- No matter what my mom says, sea water doesn't cure everything.

3- A Mexican Laura Li is nice, but a Canadian Laura Ly is better.

4- Even superheroes can get sunburned.

5- A beach towel can be used as a cape, but people won't take you seriously.

6- Drinking alcohol does reduce your superpowers.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a piƱa colada waiting for me on the beach... If crime hits, feel free to call Spiderman!

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