Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February LEP Challenge

We put out the challenge beacon and you superheroes answered!

The challenge for February was to write an anonymous love letter to someone. But the letter had to be truly anonymous: members were challenged to "write" the letter using words and letters cut out from magazines. No leaving handwritten evidence behind for crafty supervillains to find!

Here are some of the most creative and awesomesauce challenge letters from LEP's members:

An extraordinary letter called "Re(a)d" from St├ęphanie, AKA NimbleFingers.

Awesome work from Ann-Marie, AKA Ninny Numbskull.

Valentine's love from Carlene, AKA taylormaide.

Awesome work, superheroes! Now, if we ever need to leave an anonymous letter for any reason (saaayy we accidentally flew into a parked car and need to leave a "Woah, I'm sorry!" note. But what are the chances that'll happen for a seventh time?!) we know who we should call on!


  1. I wish I would have participated in this challenge.

    1. There will be a new challenge for you in 2 days so feel free to participate in that one if it inspires you!

  2. And it's even better when you're the one who received the anonymous letter.