Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mail art from our members

We have some seriously talented members in our LEP community and I think it's about time we start showing off their mail art!

So, I'll kick this off with a few pieces and hopefully I'll soon be able to share more submissions from our members!

A lovely second letter getting to know the very generous Alethea! 
(Submitted by Rosie T. in the UK.)

Autumn/Halloween themes 
(Submitted by Lisa S. in the USA.)

Here is a collage of pictures of my Halloween swap that I'm pretty proud of.
(Submitted by Arlene S. in the UK.)

This is a happy doodle envelope, one of my favourite ways to decorate an envie. I love to 
draw in ink and use pencils to add some colour. I also love typography and 
always write the address in fancy lettering when I create mail art. 
I think the houses are so cute!
(Submitted by Alison B. in Australia.)

All handmade: two scrapbook paper envelopes, one woven envelope made from scraps of 
scrapbook paper, and a stamped stationery and envelope set!
(Submitted by Jen E. in the USA.)

Thank you for your submissions, LEP mail artists! Whether you decorate your envelopes or keep them simple, we can all agree on one thing... sending and receiving letters is one of life's most beautiful things!


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