Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shine On LEP Members!

One of our members was inspired to write a poem about the LEP and it will certainly make you feel good about our penpal club!

The letters dripped from my pen and scampered cross the page.
They ran hither there and yonder where they screamed as in a rage.
But finally they gathered up and into word and phrase they fell.
Then sentences just appeared and this story they did tell. 
There is a League who still believes in paper and in pen.
They are comprised of him and her and those and sometimes them.
They believe the written word extends the reach of human touch.
And in this world gone so insane we need this so very much. 
Quixote like they joust the windmills of human despair.
You see they are our champions and friends extraordinaire.
Their lances are their fountain pens and they write letters long and true.
But most of the time they send a brief, "Friend, how'd you do?" 
They believe in Dulcinea beauty in each and everyone.
Their souls as brilliant as the fire radiating from the sun.
So shine on LEP members, I raise my glass and give a hail.
Send bundles of letters bright and bold and play havoc with the mail. 
~ Christopher Bombardier AKA Last Cloud Warrior

Thank you Chris for penning such sweet words for our community!

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