Thursday, January 29, 2015

10 year old LEP members

In the 10 Surprises Letter Swap we hosted this month, we asked participants to send a letter to their swap partner based on their 10 year old self. Participants shared 10 things about their current life that their 10 year old self would be surprised about. This swap was inspired by Julie's blog post over at Penpal of the Week.

As members signed up to participate in the swap, we asked them to describe their 10 year old self in 3 words. Some of the responses are funny, some are insightful... take a look!

~ Musical, nerdy, giggly

~ Imagining my future

~ Sensitive, animal loving, awkward

~ Friendly, creative, solitude-seeking

~ Studious, uptight, shy

~ Timid, judgmental, depressed

~ Nerdy, awkward, skater

~ Tomboy, dreamer, fearful

~ Awkward, precocious, desperateforacceptance

~ Shy, tall, awkward

~ Only three words?

~ Precocious, nerdy, bookworm

~ Just plain weird

~ Tomboy, Matilda

~ Insecure, shy, imaginative

~ Dreamer, romantic, curious

~ Bookish, happy, tomboy

~ Conscientious, tidy, uncool

~ Shy, uncoordinated, creep

~ Shy, creative, smiling

~ Sensitive, imaginative, shy

~ Dirty, running, heedless

~ Bookish, thoughtful, quiet

~ Scared, self-sufficient, taller

~ Bookish, tomboy, shy

~ Introverted, musical, brainiac

~ Whiny, dependent, scattered

~ Sensitive, singular, silly!

~ Nerdy fat girl

~ Waiting for spotlight

~ Horse lover, adventurous, swimmer

~ Painfully weird, awesome

~ Spunky, bookish, thoughtful

~ Shy, eccentric, curious

~ Shy, imaginative, girly

~ Adventurous, boisterous, clumsy

~ Bookish, quiet, animal-loving

~ Naive, sporty, free-spirited

~ Innocent, carefree, happy

~ Optimistic, forward thinking, people pleaser

~ High-achiever, perfectionist, extremely insecure about looks and social status

~ Loner, geek, short

We have quite a few members who saw themselves as awkward and a tomboy at age 10. I have a hard time remembering my 10 year old self, but I bet tomboy and awkward were involved.

Many thanks to Sophie AKA Rambling Reader for hosting this swap for us!



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