Did someone say fountain pens?!

This week we're pleased to have a guest post from LEP members Rachel & Arjen (AKA The Tooth Fairy and Lady Vengeance), the fantastic coordinators of the League of Extraordinary Pen Lovers!

Do you often walk around with ink stained hands? Have more pens than a person could use in a month? Can you identify the difference between a blue ink and a sllliiightly lighter blue ink? Then this club is for you!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the League of Extraordinary Pen Lovers! This is the home for all things pen and ink related. Feel free to share your pictures of your pens (or pen porn as we have been known to call it!), discuss new inks and share tips about where to get the latest pens! We are a small group but a very friendly one and our first swap is just starting out.

In order to tempt you into our lair, Arjen has offered to donate a pen from her collection to the winner of our new challenge! If you wish to be in with a chance of this rare prize then this is what you need to do:

Write a love letter to your favourite ink or pen, in the ink itself or with the pen that is the object of your affections. Post your letter on the Extraordinary Pen Lovers group and join in the fun.

We look forward to meeting you and enabling your pen collection!

Rachel & Arjen