Thursday, June 20, 2013

And the winners are...

Since the League of Extraordinary Penpals is a growing community, we thought it was time to have our own awards ceremony!

Does everyone have a seat? Are all members dressed appropriately for the occasion? Are you all wearing your superhero costume? (Courtney, please put your pants back on.) Alright, the show can now begin.

Hello LEPers & LEPeeps! I'm Julie AKA Super Sushi and I'll be your hostess tonight. All of you are obviously extraordinary so we wish we could give you all an award, but sadly we only had time to make 25 prizes. Come on guys, they're handmade paper statues - give us a break! And if you win, you get to make a speech in the comments below, but in 50 words or less please. We don't want to spend all night listening to endless blabber because some of us have a Stationery Anonymous meeting to attend later on.

So without further ado, here are the award categories:

* Will squee when excited about something! And the award goes to... Frida in Norway! (Special mentions go to Othella and Michael in the USA.)

* Makes everyone jealous with perfect fountain pen calligraphy! And the award goes to... Lisa in France! (A special mention goes to Aimee in the USA.)

* Is well versed in swearing! And the award goes to... Cheryl in Scotland! (Special mentions go to Samantha in Australia, Jim in the UK and Venus in Canada.)

* Has a sexy voice and knows how to use it! And the award goes to... Simon in Japan! (Special mentions go to Rhiannon in the UK and Katherine in the USA.)

* Won't shut up about (and post pictures of) stationery purchases! And the award goes to... Sara Jean in the USA! (Special mentions go to Samantha and Amy in Australia as well as Shelby in the USA.)

* Sends goodies to everyone through the mail like it's Christmas every day! And the award goes to... Athanasia in Greece! (Special mentions go to Denise, Kimmie and Mary in the USA.)

*Lives in a fantasy world filled with strange creatures and characters! And the award goes to... Michi in Poland! (Special mentions go to EmPress in Canada and Sarah in the USA.)

* Says the word BOOBIES at every given occasion! And the award goes to... Courtney in the USA! (Special mentions go to Trine Lise in Norway and Lisa in France.)

*All have the same name! And the awards go to Jennifer G. in Canada, Jennifer E. in Germany, Jennifer W. in Germany, Jennifer R. in the USA and Jennifer W. in the USA! (Special mention goes to Jenn L. in the USA.)

* Have more kids than they know what to do with... And the awards go to Sherri and April-Alina in the USA! (Special mentions go to Jessica N. and Elizabeth D. in the USA as well as Samantha in Australia.)

* Makes you laugh with completely unexpected comments! And the award goes to... Jemima in Australia! (Special mentions go to Courtney in the USA, Yoshi in Austria and Lisa in France.)

* Gets to be kissed by Donnie Wahlberg ON THE LIPS! And the award goes to... Cindy in Canada! (Special mentions go to no one because Cindy apparently doesn't share!)

* Makes everyone drool by posting food pictures! And the award goes to... Jonathan in the UK! (Special mentions go to Sandra in the Netherlands and Shelby in the USA.)

* Makes envelopes like there's no tomorrow! And the award goes to... Tessa in the Netherlands! (Special mentions go to Sara Jean, Tara and Michael in the USA.)

* Were all born on the same day! And the awards go to... Karen and Emilie in the USA as well as Samantha in Australia for all being May 23 babies. (Special mentions go to our dozens of birthday twins.)

* Makes the most awesome illustrations! And the award goes to... Ciara Kay in the USA! (Special mentions go to Sulea in Australia, Michi in Poland, Korina in Guam and Heleen in the Netherlands.)

* Somehow infiltrates herself in LEP dreams! And the award goes to... Rhiannon in the UK! (Special mentions go to Katherine and Denise in the USA.)

* Has the most hilarious profile picture on Facebook! And the award goes to... Eunice in the UK! (Special mentions go to Lisa in the USA, Martina W. in Germany and Wendy in the USA.)

And that's it folks! (OK Frida, you can stop clapping now.) We hope you enjoy your paper statues (that's all we could afford - sorry!) and we hope to see you at the Stationery Anonymous meeting next door in 30 minutes. Amy will be selling overpriced stationery in the back alley after the meeting and she only accepts cash. Thank you very much!


  1. I am honored! Thank you so much for the statue! And I would just like to say that if I wasn't so good at enabling myself then I would be a really shoddy enabler for you all! So practice makes perfect... (slinks of to already open tab on Amazon where she is moving paper goodies from her wish list to her cart...) I think I will skip the meeting and just head out to the alley with AMY!!!

  2. I am happy to cede victory to Athanasia for the title of Christmas-ish Goodie Fairy because she at least sends nice presents. I mostly send people my crap. ;-)

  3. choose the perfect winner for the awards!!! Each & everyone of them makes this LEP group so extraordinary special!!

  4. that was fun! and you were spot on with the awards. I need to link up with April who also must have an insane number of children. My advice..... it's not necessarily a good idea to spread your children out of three decades..... Love you all.

  5. What a party! Woohoo!
    Congrat's everyone!

  6. *cries*.........*tries to speak*..........*hiccups*................*cries some more*...........*waves statue*..............*cries some more*.........................."Boobies!"
    I'm deeply honoured - with a "u" because I'm English - I love you all!!!!!

  7. Thank you, thank you! Even though I only got runner up, I'm still very honored! I always say that I'm like the Old Woman who lived in a shoe! lol! For those of you who don't know the nursery rhyme it says:

    "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe;
    she had so many children she didn't know what to do.
    She gave them some broth without any bread;
    Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed."

    I'm pretty sure that with all these kids, it FEELS like I live in a shoe!! lol