Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Penpalling in the future

Imagine this:

It's the year 2513.

Paper no longer exists. There are no more post offices. No one knows how to write anymore. Except for a few dissidents... Members of a super secret, hidden society: The League of Extraordinary Penpals.

League of Extraordinary Penpals

Doesn't it feel good to know that the great-great-great-grandchildren of our great-great-great-grandchildren will still follow our letter writing traditions in the future?

It won't be easy to keep the art of letter writing alive then. They'll have to make sacrifices, try to salvage stationery stashes, start growing their own trees and eventually learn how to make paper by hand. They'll have to teach their kids how to write, and have to train robots how to deliver mail...

But it'll be worth it.

Because unlike everyone else around us, we were able to form true bonds with people across the ocean and share something deeper with our penpals. These will be lessons that we'll pass down to future generations of letter writers. We'll teach our grandchildren that patience is a virtue and that good things can take time. We'll show them that meaningful relationships aren't instantaneous and that a handwritten letter is a real treasure.

Oh, some people think that we were foolish. Sure, most humans laughed at us at one point. They said that we were wasting our time, that we weren't being productive, that we were childish. But we knew something that they didn't: penpalling would save us. Writing letters would allow us to be introspective and connect with other human beings in a significant way. When civilization becomes disengaged from everyone and everything, we remain united.

We are proud members of the League of Extraordinary Penpals today. And in the year 2513, it'll be our descendants who continue our mission.


  1. LOVE THIS Julie! I feel a bit proud & happy too! Really like that imagination of the year 2513... And it fits to some thoughts I already had by myself: will my children & grandchilden fell in love with letter writing as I did? Will people still write handwritten letter with love in 20 years or 200 years? So now I´m sure they will!! <3

  2. Well written. :-) We will write on.

  3. No paper, no post offices...NOT a world I would want to live in. lol!

  4. I got ridiculously emotional reading this O.o It made me think of Fahrenheit 451 where books are banned and everyone is fine with it except for a few people who are literally hiding books in their walls. What if this really is the future, a future where no one communicates for the fun of it anymore. What if one day, there is no more paper (I bet the forests would be happy but I don't use much electricity so I figure I'm saving the nature that way instead)..

    I see a dystopian novel coming up on this subject!!