Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lady Penelope

So, by now you should know all of the players in the League of Extraordinary Penpals. You’ve got your LEP hostesses, Julie and Laura; LEP’s very talented illustrator, Ciara Kay; as well as yourself and all the other terrific members!

However, LEP also has one additional extraordinary team member that needs an immediate introduction because her talents have gone unsung for far too long…

Also known as Lady Pen,
LEP's mascot fights against snail mail injustice.

LADY PENELOPE! Known as Lady Pen by her friends, she is LEP’s official symbol and mascot.

A long time ago, in a galaxy not-that-far away, Lady Penelope took up her Quill of Strength and declared that all super villains who endangered good snail mail would quiver before her. Since then, she has defeated six gazillion enemies that would have threatened our mailboxes! Most of them ant-sized, but that’s beside the point…

Who could forget her epic battle against the text message enemy known as LMFAO Leper? The 16-hour fight against the flock of Evil KFC Flyers? The constant war against bad blobs that eat mail packages and cause them to go missing?

Lady Pen helps keep the tradition of snail mail alive by ensuring that villains don’t get in the way of letters arriving to their proper location. She also uses her Quill of Strength to write awesomesauce letters when she’s not fighting crime.

Lady Pen is a snail mail heroine for the ages, and we’re very proud that she’s there to help us with LEP.

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