Going Postal

Every month we publish an interview with one of our members in our newsletter and we call this feature Going Postal. Here's March's edition!

By Michael Webb AKA Slayer of Popcorn
This month, Going Postal cleans the mud off of its boots and heads into the Western US for a visit with Purple ShadowKari Conroy!
1. Why did you join the LEP?
I had a few penpals who wrote me on LEP stationery. So I asked them where they got that stationery and they told me about this awesome group. I have been a member ever since!
2. What is the best thing about the LEP?
The quality of penpals in this group are amazing. Most of the penpals I have found on here decorate their letters and envelopes so cute. It instantly brings a smile to my face when I get a letter from someone in this group.
3. What is the least optimal thing about the LEP?
Well like any group, it is sad when you really connect with a penpal and they quit writing you. I do understand life happens though. So I try not to take it personally.
4. What is the one thing you think new LEP members need to know?
Get involved with the group! There are lots of swaps monthly. If someone sparks your interest in the database shoot them a letter. I have found some great pals by going into the database and randomly writing a letter.
5. What is your favorite place to write letters?
Most of the time I will write letters while watching Netflix, a movie or TV in my bedroom. Writing on my bed is sometimes a pain because my dogs Annie and Zeva have to be up in my face. I really enjoy writing letters on my back patio or in a park.
6. What is the strangest place you have ever written a letter?
I once wrote letter before a University of Utah football game. I had an hour to kill before the game so I wrote a letter. All the season ticket holders I have been sitting by for the last 13 seasons asked what the hell I was doing? I said writing a letter like they all used to do.
7. You're only allowed one pen, upon penalty of death or severe tickling. Which pen do you select?
This question is easy! Ink Joy ball point pens. I buy them several times a year! Everyone raves about the Ink Joy gel pens but, I have never liked gel pens! Give me a ball point pen anytime.
8. Have you ever written a letter to a celebrity? Did they reply?
I used to be a huge American Idol lover. When my favorite got eliminated I sent her a letter. A few months later I got a card from her. So, she wasn't a very big celebrity but I was happy to get a response.
9. What is the silliest/funniest thing you have ever received or sent in a letter?
A good pen pal of mine wrote me on a flip flop. I laughed so hard when I received it. I am obsessed with flip flops and sometimes try to wear them in the winter time haha.
10. What is one misconception you think people have about the LEP or pen palling in general??
For me people think I don't have a lot of friends in my everyday life because I penpal. I actually have a lot of friends and always have. Ever since I was a little girl I would write my friends notes in junior high and high school. After high school I would still write letters because I loved doing it. In 2004 a former friend introduced me to penpal sites and I have been going strong ever since. But yes, most of the responses I get from people are they think I am friendless because I write letters. LOL.
11. How do you know you are done writing a letter?
Usually when I have answered all of my penpal's questions and I have nothing else to say.
12. Do you always mail your letters from the same place?
Yes, I always take my letters to the post office to drop in the mailbox. I don't trust the post office to take it from my mailbox. I take all my letters to the post office which is about a mile away from me.
13. How do other people or animals react to your letter writing?
About 13 years ago my grandma told me I would never get married if all I did is write letters in my free time. I feel like she cursed me because I am still single. LOL. Most people think it is weird that people still write letters. They would rather send a text or email. My dogs hate when I write letters because they don't get as much attention when I do.
14. Do you save special stamps for your letters? Or do you just apply the next stamp you come across?
I am a stamp hoarder lol! I always have about 300 stamps on hand. No I use whatever stamp I am feeling that day. The ones that I keep for a special occasion are my Harry Potter Stamps.