Monday, July 3, 2017

LEP Geeks & Freaks: Fandoms, Gamers, and Geeks

We all know The League of Extraordinary Penpals is an awesome way to meet like-minded, pro happy mail individuals. While our dedication to pen palling bonds us together, we understand that there are different interests out there.

Did you know we’re also on Facebook? In addition to the LEP Facebook group where we talk about the swaps, proper penpal etiquette, stamps and so much more, we’ve been able to add groups for different interests within the LEP.

Due to member interest we’ve created a specialized Facebook group celebrating fandom and embracing your inner Geek! There were literal SQUEEs of excitement when this group opened, which you may have heard (depending on your location).

LEP’s Geeks & Freaks is the perfect place to ‘get your freak on’ by embracing your Geek and celebrating the fandoms, games and more that help make life just a little more fun! Whether it is talking about an episode of iZombie, playing Fandom ABCs or announcing your deepest Geek-fession, we can help.

We also have your back with:

Recommendations on your next binge-watch?
Looking for a Beta reader/editor for your latest fanficton?
Discussing strategies for your newest boardgames?
Figuring out what to throw at your RPG group in their latest campaign?

It doesn’t matter what level of geekery you identify with, LEP Geeks & Freaks is a great way to explore the geeky things you love, or want to love.

If you’re interested, please search for LEP Freaks & Geeks and request to join today! We cannot WAIT to see you.

- Nicole R. AKA GothamGal, California

PS - If you want to be a part of the amazing LEP Facebook communities, you first have to be a member of the LEP. Click here to join today!

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