Mail Art Supply Swap

Our wonderful friend Belinda in Australia hosted a swap for us and we asked her to tell us about it. Thanks so much for writing this blog post, Bel. We love all the photos of the mail art goodies!

As part of the July newsletter, our extraordinary penpals were given the opportunity to sign up for a mail art supplies swap. The brief was to package up at least 10 to 15 items that could be used to create mail  art – ie. those gorgeously colourful, collaged, calligraphied envelopes you may have found in your mailbox on occasion. Things such as deco papers, washi tapes, confetti and ephemera were suggested but the creativity was not limited.

At the time of signing up, swappers were asked to note any particular themes or colours they would prefer to receive as well as things they would not like so much, just to give their partner a bit of a guide when gathering supplies. The answers were as diverse and interesting as the wonderful people who make up our League. Some participants wanted to receive items with a vintage or retro theme, others requested steampunk items or zombie gore, while others gently suggested they’d prefer not to receive anything holiday related or religious paraphernalia and one participant advised that she absolutely, categorically did not want anything to do with tomatoes!! =)

Partners were assigned, taking into account the similarities between the 32 participants as well as their location. Where possible I wanted folks to be partnered with someone outside of their country to increase the possibility of receiving items they hadn’t already encountered in their local craft stores.

Here is a snippet of what lovely, colourful, wonderful mail art supplies were mailed across the world.

Bel (swap host, AUS) sent to Victoria (USA)

Victoria sent to Bel

Deborah-Anne (CAN) sent to Rebecca (UK)

Michelle (USA) sent to Jemima (AUS)

Samantha (AUS) sent to Caron (USA)

Teri-Ann (UK) sent to Amber (USA)

Heleen (NETHERLANDS) sent to Penelope (USA)

Amysue (USA) sent to Emma (UK)

Emma (UK) sent to Amysue (USA)

There is no limit to what fabulous creations the LEPeeps will dream up with such an abundance of supplies so stay tuned and we’ll see what wonderful, artistic mail has been sent across the world.

Thanks again for hosting this great swap, Belinda!