Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Super Squirrel Speaks!

Last week we asked our members a very simple question:

Why do you penpal?

We've heard from our members, now it's Super Squirrel's turn to share why she penpals!

"When non-snail mailers ask why I write letters, I often reply that I penpal because I like getting mail that isn't a bill or a flyer. That's my most superficial reason for penpalling and the easiest for people to understand if they don't write letters themselves.

The real reason I penpal is because of the connection, the friendship. I live in a city that very much makes me feel like a fish out of water. It's difficult finding people who like the things that I do, and like them the way (ie: to the same degree) that I do. But because of penpalling, I've been able to find people who see the world the same way I do. Penpalling allows me to connect with kindred spirits and bond over shared geek loves.

I also prefer writing as a method of communication. I'm a huge introvert, a total wallflower, and it's difficult for me to talk to people that I'm not 100% comfortable with. Words just refuse to come to me. But when it comes to letter writing, I can take the time to think about my words and how I want to convey my thoughts. It also saves me from saying something ridiculous that I will regret later, and from being interrupted and talked over by others. In other words, letter writing gives me a voice and a medium to be myself that I wouldn't otherwise have."
- Laura, AKA Super Squirrel


  1. Do you as well have a skill of mind reading? Because reading your words feels like you extracted them from my thoughts!
    I am an introvert, too. Not an extreme case, I am slowly learning to open myself for people. But I noticed that many of my pals have even bigger problem with that than I do. They have one friend they can trust, everybady around think they're weirdos... I even have a pal with Aspergers. But you know? Penpalling taught me how to get beyond people's barriers they build to protect themselves. Common mortals read it as a sign of carelessness, not needing anyone or such and isolate from the outsiders; I don't. I simply notice people who are too scared to show up, but actually are marvellous. Just as my pals are. It's really sad that such valuable folks cannot show who they indeed are - and it's a fantastic feeling to be the one they show it to!

  2. I fully agree with your real reason. I have made so many true friends through writing. And the fact that they are around the world makes it even more exciting.