Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My mail please, Carson!

It's no secret that I love period dramas. I looooooooovveeee period dramas!

Part of it is because of the dashing men and the irresistible wooing. Who can argue with Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Rochester, or Mr. Moray?

The other part is the mail. Oh, the mail! Not only was mail written in beautiful script and sealed with wax seals, it was delivered on silver platters.

Take a moment to appreciate the sheer brilliance of that: MAIL. ON. SILVER. PLATTERS.

By someone who looked like this (though--I suspect--minus the Carson attitude):

Aaaaahhhhhhh, doesn't that sound divine?

Of course, if you know me at all or have been reading my posts for a while, none of this silver platter mail business is new. But, it got me thinking about how today's mail delivery could be be "spiced" up so that it was 2013's version of the silver platter. Here are some of my ideas:

- mail delivered by balloons: when you get a letter, you just pop the balloon and boom! There's your letter!
- mail delivered by actual snails. A little on the slow side, but literal snail mail might be fun!
- mail messages delivered by singing telegrams! ("la la la! This is just a message to let you know that I'm re-watching Empire Records for the millionth time. How are you? la la la!")
- goat delivery (in hindsight, this would probably be a disaster--the goats would keep eating the letters and nothing would be achieved)
- good, old fashioned pigeon post (mind the poop)
- attach notes to an arrow (sorry guys, I can't be penfriends with anyone who doesn't live in the same house as me. My arrows don't go further than 6 inches....)
- message in a bottle
- really, really, really, really, really long tin can phone

Now it's your turn: what would be a really unique way of receiving mail? How else could mail be delivered other than the regular in-a-mailbox method? C'mon LEP members, you're extraordinary! Now we want to hear your extraordinary ideas for brilliant and fun mail delivery.


  1. "la la la! This is just a message to let you know that I'm re-watching Empire Records for the millionth time. How are you? la la la!"

    Did you quote me directly on that?! :P I'm pretty sure I have said that verbatim in the past.

    Oh, and snail mail... I think I know what my next stamp is going to be! :D

  2. Hihihi, so many awesomegreat ideas! :D I think a letter delivered as if you were a spy would be cool! This letter will selfdestruct in 5..4.. and fssssss, no letter :o

    Ooooor mail by owls! Harry Potter, yay! <3

    Ooor maybee everyone should have special dogs that can give you your mail like they already deliver the newspaper and then they would impress you with tricks and keep you company while you read it :D

  3. OOOH, yes, Frida - Owl Post!

    or the flying airplane interoffice memo style letters of the Ministry of Magic.

    But I always thought it would be cool to get mail via Pony Express or the Wells Fargo Wagon. Like the scene in The Postman when the horse rider rides past the kid and take/and or give the mail and keeps going....

  4. Obviously ravens. And 3-eyed ravens.

    But I also like the paper airplane idea. That gives me ideas.

  5. Hmmmmm, so many good ideas already! I always want my mail as soon as it has been written or ordered! So I vote for teleporter a la Star Trek style. Orrrr of course I would love The Doctor to hand deliver it to me via the Tardis on a silver plater!!! Especially if it is a letter from any of the aforementioned gents! Especially Darcy.

  6. I like the idea of Ravens and mail that can literally fly. Waiting for mail to arrive is the worst.

  7. Perhaps a little help from the Umpa-Lumpa's (Charly and the Chocolatfactort) might be a good idea aswell?!
    Or why not combine a couple of good ideas? Let's say a pigeon with balloons who will bring a message in a bottle, which will be red to you by a snailmail?

    But if Orlando Bloom would dedicate his life to bring snailmail around I'd be a very happy girl aswell ;-)

  8. *edited; ofcourse I ment a snail instead of a snailmail

  9. I was going to say maybe by piedgons but someone used a bird so IDK! But even thoug Snail Mail is slow at least it's a ton better than e-mail because a letter is more person in my opinion!

    1. I meant to say though, and Personal, but for some reason my dumb keyboard isn't working! UGH!