Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Come enter the LEP Reading Lair... if you dare!

This week we're pleased to have a guest post from LEP members Cassie & Anny (AKA Stargazer and Captain Bookworm), the fantastic coordinators of the LEP Reading Lair! Read on to get acquainted with our super club coordinators, learn the ins and outs of the ever-so-secretive reading lair, and discover the activities that are brewing within its walls.

This is your (second*) official invitation to the Reading Lair!
* First mentioned in the LEP Newsletter, April Issue

When you are in THE League of Extraordinary Penpals it's important to have a place to fit your hero's big egos... er... interests. That's why we have a Reading Lair with a HUGE library full of books and other necessary rooms where you can train, write letters, and anything else your super-human-extraordinary-selves might desire.

So how about a brief tour for the uninitiated or those lost in the stacks? (Be warned that all of this follows the very important secret code & “handshake”. Heroes must come *prepared!)
*League membership required.

Once you have been briefed and made “formal” introductions in the Foyer we get to the good stuff. Enter the Inner Sanctum; dear readers, this is your library. Here we discuss books we would like to read together and discuss those that we are reading. Check here for current swaps and WTAs (Winner Takes All) in the Mail Room. While there, be sure to post any upcoming mail calls, birthdays, etc. to the monthly Notice Board. Seek out the Training Room for games and challenges. Chitchat in the Lounge. And if you happen to enjoy other forms of writing (aside from letters) then curl up in the Writing Nook.

Now that you are all acquainted perhaps you would like to know what we have been up to! For April and May our book club picks were Little Women, Wuthering Heights, and Wool Omnibus. Post suggestions now for our next read-a-long!

Partners for the handcrafted bookmark swap will soon be assigned! Stay tuned... we will have a new swap up for June! Rachel Miller was April's WTA winner! She will receive a postcard with five book recommendations from everyone else who played.

Do you love zines or want to try making your own? We are putting together our first collaborative zine. There is still time to join in!

So let's see: new book picks coming, new swap... what else is in store for LEP members in the Reading Lair? As requested, we will have a Skype chat in *June!
*Date TBA

If you are the sort of LEPer who enjoys a challenge then stay tuned! In June we will reveal the first set of challenges, post a scoreboard in the Training Room, and award a prize in September!

Stay alert!
Stargazer and Captain Bookworm

Thanks ladies! So, what are you guys waiting for? Join the LEP Reading Lair and get reading!!

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